About Us

Golf Course Management Pty Ltd was formed in 1997 by Gary Dempsey after many requests from those in the golf course management industry for assistance in management and maintenance of their facilities.

Gary has extensive experience in all aspects of golf course design, construction, management and maintenance. He has some 44 year’s experience in the golf industry and has been a highly respected Golf Course Superintendent for 36 years, the last 29 of those years at the prestigious New South Wales Golf Club. While his major successes are well documented at New South Wales Golf Club taking it from number 59 in world ranking to number 34, it is the fact that Gary has worked at facilities from a small nine-hole golf course with two staff to the high end of golf hosting major tournaments gives him the background to relate to all areas of the industry.

Since retiring from New South Wales Golf Club Gary has reinvigorated Golf Course Management to assist golf club management, boards and staff sustainably manage and maintain their facilities into the future and to give back to the industry that afforded him such an outstanding career, which has included highlights, such as preparing courses for many professional and amateur events including the Australian Open, Australian PGA, Australian Amateur BMW and Audi World Cup finals and also working at three US Opens. He has supervised projects such as, course construction and re-construction, irrigation system design and installation, golf course workshop design and construction, introduced revetted bunkering systems to golf courses and has trained over 200 people within the golf course industry over the years.

While in the US in 2000 through industry contacts began a relationship with the Aqua Aid company, makers in fine wetting agent products. Golf Course Management has since then been involved in research and development of wetting agent products and importing them to Australia for the Turf industry. The Aqua Aid products are widely regarded and used on golf courses throughout Australia and have been attributed to the critical water management and improvement to playing surfaces of many courses.

In 2013 Gary pioneered the new “no heavy coring” technique in managing golf greens and introduced the 4mm “ninja tines” to Australia. This technique in now gaining momentum and is have a major impact on the playability of golf greens where it is being used.

We now are reaching out to golf clubs that are looking to move on to the next level of golf course management and maintenance at the level they are striving for. We use a wide range of associated companies to complement our services including some of the most experienced people from all segments of the industry to ensure our customers have access to the latest technology and processes.

We are very excited in what Golf Course Management will bring to industry in the future and are sure we will have some exciting improvements for your golf course and its patrons.